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     You can count on the members of Mt. Hood Glass Association to meet the demands of your jobs. From high-rise buildings and sky bridges, to industrial tilt-ups and maintenance projects, the members of Mt. Hood Glass Association have the qualified, skilled and highly trained work force to meet your expectations. Employees are required to complete a 4-year apprenticeship program before advancing in their craft. Safety issues and OSHA compliance are always a priority.

     On your next project call a Mt. Hood Glass Association member. Their technical support and ability to work with you to design solutions make them the most efficient and professional partners for your job.

  • Mt. Hood Glass Association

  • Alicata Glass

  • Benson Industries

  • Centennial Glass Co.

  • Coast Mirror Co.

  • Columbia Contract Glazing

  • Culver Glass Co.

  • DeaMor Skylights

  • Encore Glass

  • Highrise Glass, Inc.

  • Kenco Construction Inc.

  • McKenzie Glass, Inc.

  • Mountain Glass

  • O'Neill Electric, Inc.

  • Pac Glazing Solutions

  • Pacific NW Door & Hardware, Inc.

  • PDX Glass

  • Smith Glass Service

  • South Town Glass, Inc.
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