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Apprenticeship and Training: Bringing Value to Your Job Site.

Apprenticeship and training for commercial and industrial painting, glass and glazing, drywall taping and floor covering installation. Apprenticeship and training are key elements of success for trades people and member contractors. Employees of the member companies must each complete extensive apprenticeship and training programs. Under guidance from seasoned professionals and journey level tradespeople and new employees master the skills necessary to become accomplished in their trades. But it doesn’t stop there. Classes, continuing education and safety programs are regularly offered to upgrade skill levels throughout an employee’s career. Union employees take pride in a job well done.

Professional painters, glaziers, drywall finishers and floor covering installers are highly skilled crafts people trained to work on projects from commercial buildings, high rise buildings, bridges, schools, and government facilities to shopping malls, retail stores, and maybe even the grocery store where you shop.

Apprenticeship Programs:

The Hurricane Test for Glaziers:

Glaziers do more than just windows. They must also be masters of aluminum, welding and blueprint readers. Naturally, studying and gaining proficiency in all those areas are part of the 4-year training program of Local 740 JATC. As part of their apprenticeship and training, apprentices create a window to fit within a “hurricane booth.” Then, to test their work, the student gets inside the booth as hurricane-type conditions are replicated with rain and wind getting whipped up to 76 mph. If their glasswork holds up, the apprentice moves on to the next training module. If it does not, he or she must go back, make the appropriate fix and re-test until the glasswork passes the test.

Painters and Drywall Finishers:

As apprentices in the 3 to 3 ½ year program, students study key areas critical to their success as a painter or “taper” as drywall-finishing experts are called in the trade. Painters learn surface preparation, coatings applications, wall covering installation and decorative finishes as well as color matching, specialty coating applications and wood finishing. Tapers specialize in sealing the joints between plasterboard or other wallboards, and preparing the surface to create the seamless finish that is the hallmark of an expert job. Just like their fellow apprentices in the glass and floor installation trades, safety training is a key part in their program and deemed absolutely essential to a long and prosperous career.

Flooring Installers:

In today’s flooring industry apprentices must understand the importance of green and sustainable practices for companies today. Just like many mainstream American businesses, those practices have been embraced by the flooring business, whether it involves carpet or new hard surfaces for both commercial and residential applications. The flooring apprenticeship program requires 432 classroom hours and 6,500 – 7,000 on-the-job training hours. Unlike the glass and painting unions, flooring apprentices can be 17 but must have a high school diploma or GED.

Finest in the Finishing Trades Training Centers:

Painters Regional Training Center:
Contact: Jed Hartley (503) 287-4856

Glazier Training Center MHCC
Contact: Alan Brown, Training Coordinator
26000 SE Stark St.
Gresham, OR 97030
503-491-7359 fax: 503-491-7656

Linoleum, Carpet & Soft Tile Applicators:
Contact: John Lawson
Cell: (503) 481-3420
Fax: (503)-282-5783